Sabine Arndt-Lappe & Sebastian Hoffmann (Trier University)

For the past four decades ICAME has been at the forefront of the development of corpus linguistics, constantly expanding the methodological toolkit to a whole range of research domains. One perspective that has been largely absent from past ICAME conferences, however, is phonetics and phonology. This is true in spite of the fact that speech corpora have been both compiled and intensively studied by the research community, but not with a focus on phonetic and phonological aspects. Outside the ICAME community, in contrast, speech corpora have played an increasingly important role in the empirical analysis of phonetic and phonological phenomena. These research communities typically employ data sources that are different from the ones ICAMErs use, and there is very little exchange between the ICAME community and other approaches. This is all the more surprising because we observe a lot of overlap in the underlying questions and theoretical convictions among the respective research enterprises. For example, they clearly share an interest in using authentic speech data to study the cognitive underpinnings of language.

The aim of the proposed workshop is to bring together researchers working on – or with – speech corpora both within and outside the ICAME community. We invite original contributions with a methodological and / or empirical focus. Papers should lend themselves to a discussion of issues such as:

  • the potential (and limitations) of different modes and formats (e.g. audio, orthographic transcription, phonetic transcription)
  • existing datasets, sampling procedures and methodological toolkits and their usefulness for answering theoretical questions shared by the respective research communities
  • the interaction between phonetic and phonological phenomena and more typical ICAME topics

Abstract Submission

Please send your abstract (400-500 words max., excluding references) to: and The deadline for the submission of abstracts is: Dec 31, 2019 (notification of acceptance by Jan 15, 2020).