Anna Čermáková (University of Birmingham), Signe OksefjellEbeling (University of Oslo), Magnus Levin (Linnaeus University), and Jenny Ström Herold (Linnaeus University)

Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiss nichts von seiner eigenen.
(Those who do not know foreign languages, know nothing about their own.)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Through the lens of other languages, we enrich our understanding of the complexities of English. Because of this, contrastive corpus-based studies have become an established research strand within the field of English corpus linguistics. As corpus research itself is moving beyond the space it has traditionally occupied, contrastive studies have reached a point where new materials and approaches are needed to explore new frontiers. Reflecting the overall conference theme, the ICAME 2020 contrastive workshop in Heidelberg is dedicated to new explorations and applications of complex multilingual data where English is contrasted with at least one other language. Previous contrastive workshops at ICAME have successfully investigated parallel and comparable corpora, largely focusing on lexicogrammatical features. Moreover, the papers at these workshops have mainly been corpus-based and synchronic, comparing English to only one other language (see, e.g., Ebeling & Hasselgård (eds) 2018, Janebová, Lapshinova-Koltunski & Martinková (eds) 2017, Egan & Dirdal (eds) 2017). We therefore invite papers expanding the horizons of contrastive studies. This may involve new types of synchronic or diachronic corpus data, new language pairs – in particular going beyond the traditional two-language perspective –, new areas of investigation such as semantics, pragmatics and phraseology combined with more corpus-driven methods and interdisciplinary approaches.

We therefore invite submissions that address the workshop theme and the overall conference theme. The workshop will include both full paper presentations (20+10 mins) and work-in-progress reports (10+5 mins). Abstracts of approximately 500 words (excluding references) clearly indicating the format (full paper/w-i-p) should be submitted to both and

The deadline for abstract submission is December 20. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by mid January 2020.


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