As the Corona crisis is currently severely aggravating, we, the ICAME41 team, are announcing with great regret that ICAME 41 will not take place at Heidelberg University in the anticipated physical conference format. We shall try instead to go digital from May 20 to the 24th of May instead. Hence, we will try to celebrate ICAME 41, but move to the digital space.

Rest assured, this was a very difficult decision. We did not take it lightly, especially as we all have been so much looking forward to the physical conference and to welcoming you all in Heidelberg, and as we all have spent so much time and effort to make it happen. We are also fully aware of the fact that this decision will have an impact on all of us re. travel arrangements, accommodation etc.

And yet, as the corona situation is getting worse and it is our duty to act responsibly and in solidarity in order to protect us all from the Corona virus, we think this it is the right decision not to meet in person in Heidelberg in May 2020 (see also our further reasoning for this decision below). Therefore, we will be refunding your conference fees in full. (You will receive further information on this soon. We will be contacting anyone who has registered so as to arrange a full refund of your registration fee. As all we are approaching a complete lockdown in Germany, this might take a little. So we would like to ask you for your patience.)

However, because the work that was due to be presented at ICAME 41 is of an outstanding calibre we have decided that we do not want to cancel ICAME 41 completely but would like to try to go digital. We are currently trying to prepare all of the technical arrangements. See the information below which explains how we would like to do it and what all of you will be asked to prepare during the next coming weeks. Hopefully, this will distract us here and there from what this world is currently facing.

We know that some of you – like we are – will be disappointed, but we sincerely hope that our decision finds your understanding and that you may begin to appreciate our alternative format. We would like to thank you all for your help and support during the last couple of months – the local organising committee, the scientific committee, workshop organisers, the ICAME board, reviewers, plenary speakers, and, of course, researchers like yourself who chose this as the place to tell the community about your work.

Please stay healthy and optimistic!

All my best wishes

Moving Into the Digital Space

Even though we unfortunately will not be able to meet you ICAMERs in person in Heidelberg in May 2020, we are determined to make ICAME happen in a digital format.

That is why we are currently trying to get all the technical infrastructure ready (Fingers crossed! As all universities in the world are currently switching to digital facilities, there will be certain challenges, but let us see what is possible).

Please have a look at the following documents for detailed information on how we plan to proceed and on what to do next.