ICAME 41 will take place in Heidelberg, Germany (see Venues).

Heidelberg, located in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region in south-west Germany, is the fifth-largest city in Baden-Würrtemberg, a famous tourist city, and home to the oldest university in Germany.

Heidelberg University (more formally known as Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg), founded in 1386, is not just the oldest university in Germany, but also one of the largest. The comprehensive research university has twelve faculties and approximately 30,000 students as well as 15,000 staff – that is roughly 28% of Heidelberg’s population. Heidelberg University is currently Germany’s second best ranking university and has been re-awarded excellency status in 2019.

A panorama of Heidelberg’s Old City

The city itself is particularly well known for its romantic flair, the Old Bridge, and Heidelberg Castle. Being in Heidelberg’s Altstadt (Old City) almost feels like being in a (very romantic) postcard – a feeling which draws thousands of tourists to Heidelberg every year. At the same time, Heidelberg and the Heidelberg region is home to some of the most advanced tech companies in Europe and a hub for cutting-edge research.

This dichotomy between the ‘old and romantic’ parts of Heidelberg and the very modern and urban districts will, at the latest, become obvious when we will head out to Heidelberg’s Bahnstadt for the conference dinner.

Map and Further Information

We have set up a custom (Google) map which contains the venues, airports and train stations, as well as some interesting places and recommendations.

If you need information on how to get to Heidelberg and/or on how to explorer the city, have a look at our map and mobility guide.

We have also created a small curated city guide containing our recommendations for restaurants, cafés, bars, activities, and services.