Airport Transfer

The two major airports close to Heidelberg are Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Stuttgart Airport (STR).

by Train

Heidelberg can be easily reached by train from both airports. If you are flying into Frankfurt, there are (at least) hourly connections to Heidelberg via Mannheim. You will be taking the train from Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Fernbahnhof to Heidelberg Hbf.

If you are flying into Stuttgart, the same rules apply. Take one of the hourly trains from Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe to Heidelberg Hbf.

by Driving Service

If you do not want (or cannot) take the train, we recommend to use TLS service, which operates between Frankfurt and Heidelberg. Airport transfer can be booked online or via phone.

by Bus

If you are looking for a cheaper option, Flixbus is operating at both Frankfurt and Stuttgart Airport. While their service is great, the bus stations are not as central as the train stations.

Getting Around Heidelberg

on Foot

Heidelberg, at least the city center, is very walkable. If you can handle the tourists, walking is probably the most convenient method of transportation.

by Bus and Tram

Heidelberg and its surroundings has a very reliable and extensive bus and tram system. The operating company, VRN, offers all the information you might need.

by Bike

Most people, at least it seems that way, use a bike to get to places. Heidelberg is very bike-friendly and it is very hard to find a mode of transportation that works better than biking the city. Heidelberg’s surroundings are also definitely worth the trip – if you enjoy biking, definitely take a couple of hours to bike up the river.

You can rent bikes at bike rental stations using the Nextbike app. Rental bikes are approximately one Euro an hour and the bikes are, given that they are rental bikes, very usable.

by E-Scooter

If you prefer the agility of a bike but don’t like the biking part, you can rent readily available e-scooters via TIER. While they are both great fun and very efficient, they are pricey. An e-scooter will set you back 19 cents per minute plus one Euro base fee per ride.

by Car

Heidelberg is definitely not a car-friendly city. If you arrive by car, try to find cheap parking and rely on the abovementioned alternatives for everyday activities.


All major venues are wheelchair accessible. Most university buildings also have guidance systems for people with visual impairments. You can find further detailed information about Heidelberg and the surrounding areas on “Heidelberg hürdenlos” (unfortunately only in German). If you need any assistance, please let us know!